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About Us

CodXCrypt is an open-source platform build for all the coding enthusiasts around the world who are searching for the best of the codes to get their mind blowing with new ideas for coding project.We are a young and thriving team of 23, burning our midnight oil to provide you with the best of the projects. Started with the vision of our founder Unnati Chabbra and Co-Founder Shashank Agrawal, our team is diverse with every single member with their unique expertise in different fields ranging from development to social networking.Every member of the team aims to improve our efficiency, create and find useful projects and develop ideas to uplift our community.

Our Mission

To provides you with well-structured and concise codes of various projects that are created by experienced coders. It contains coding projects ranging from beginner to expert level to give cater to everyone's needs.

Our Plan

Our plan is to provide an open source platform to coders to sharing their creations with the viewers and aiding budding minds. We have Mentors who are experienced and can help you with everything from scratch.

Our Vision

Our aim is to build a strong community for prospective attendees and mentors that provide wings to the careers of the coders all around the world acilitating knowledge sharing and discussion.